Shine Dance 2019 Nationals

** This page provides info on Nationals Registration.
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Entry Deadlines and Registration

Rules/Entry Guidelines

General Qualifications Info

Tentative Schedule for the Week

2019 Title Solo Competition

Improv Competition

Shine Dance ShowDown

Awards and Cash Scholarships

Family Fun in Niagara

Shine Master Classes

Red Carpet Awards

Dance Party


  • Secure your space today: A Deposit may be sent to secure your space. Nationals could fill-up before the Regional Season has begun so don’t wait until it’s too late. Let us know if you are planning on attending and with how many entries. Once your studio has competed, your entries will be confirmed based on who has qualified with a High Gold or higher.
    o Up to 30 entries: $200
    o 31-75 entries: $400
    o 76 + entries: $800
    o Deposits are non-refundable but will be taken off your total entry fees
  • Final entry deadline for Nationals Entries: March 31st, 2019
  • Title Qualifiers may enter until June 1st, 2019.
  • Please e-mail us for Nationals Fees if you do not have your Nationals Flyer.

*As a reminder, you are not entered until a deposit or full payment is received.

** Space is limited so please contact us early if you would like to reserve a space. We can fill up before the Regional Season has completed with Studios reserving their spots:


* All Regional rules apply to the Shine Dance Nationals, unless otherwise posted.


  • Competitors who score a High Gold and above at a Regional event qualify to enter the Shine Dance Nationals.
  • Dancers must enter the same category for which they qualified at the regional competition.

A reduction in size of a performance is allowed, however, this may change the division and age range. For instance, if a Large Group had 12 competitors in Regionals and reduces in size by 4 competitors, it may compete at the Shine Dance Nationals as a Small Group. *Please contact the Shine office if there is a change in your entries from Regionals.

  • Each regional 1st & 2nd and 3rd place High Score SOLO recipient is invited to enter the Shine Dance Nationals TITLE Competition where they will compete for the honour of Miss/Mr. Shine Dance. Additional Title information is outlined below.


*this schedule is being provided to aid in your Nationals planning. **IT IS NOT THE FINAL SCHEDULE**

While we intend on maintaining this schedule, it may be altered slightly once the final entries are received at the end of May.

The 1st week of July is a peek week in Niagara due to Canada Day and Independence Day. Hotels request you do not overbook your nightly stays and then drop rooms right before the event as this affects their business. Please keep the schedule below in mind for your planning.



  • Competition all day (Competitive Level 1 & Novice).


*Note: pending the number of Competitive Level 1 entries, the Title Competitions, ShowDown, and Red Carpet Awards could be Wednesday.
  • Competition all day (Competitive Level 1 & Novice).
  • Evening: Competitive Level 1 ShowDowns (12 & Under, 13 & Over) *We encourage all competitors to come cheer on our ShowDown competitors!
  • Short Break after ShowDowns for dancers to change (Bring your change of clothes to the venue).
    • Comp 1 Title Dancers’ OPENING NUMBER
    • Overalls from the Competitive Level 1 Competition
    • Dancers will have photos taken when accepting awards – Dress to Impress!


  • Competition all day (Comp 2)


  • Morning – late afternoon: Competitive Level 2 Competition
  • Prep for all Improv Competitors to meet backstage and Line-Up.
  • Late Afternoon: Improv Competition (all levels are welcome to sign-up).
    • See Improv Competition below for details.
    • Come support your fellow dancers in this exciting event!!
  • Evening – Competitive Level 2 Competition Continues


  • Competitive Level 2 Competition


  • Master Classes *FREE with your entry fees. All competitors are encouraged to attend.
  • Evening: Comp 2 ShowDowns
    • *Dancers have approximately 30 min to change out of their costumes into their Party Clothes. Changerooms will remain open.
    • Comp 2 Title Dancers’ OPENING NUMBER
    • Overalls from the Competitive Level 1 Competition
    • Dancers will have photos taken when accepting awards – Dress to Impress!



  • Competitive Level 1:  1st-3rd place Regional High Score Solo winners in the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Age divisions qualify.
  • Competitive Level 2:  1st-5th place Regional High Score Solo winners in the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior Age divisions qualify.
  • The top three scoring female solos and the top three scoring male solos will qualify for Nationals.
    **If a dancer qualifies more than one solo – they may choose which one will compete for Title. Dancers may have a solo in the Title competition AND in the Acro Title competition.
  • Title Categories Include:
    – Junior Miss Shine Dance; Junior Mr. Shine Dance
    – Intermediate Miss Shine Dance; Intermediate Mr. Shine Dance
    – Senior Miss Shine Dance; Senior Mr. Shine Dance

    • Note: there will be separate Acro Title competitions in all the divisions stated above.


  • $2,400 in Cash Scholarships!
  • Chance to with the Shine Title Jacket!
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd Awarded in each of the 24 Title Competitions
  • Headshot on the Shine Title Board.
    • All qualifying Title Soloists should send a high resolution 4 x 6 headshot to: no later than Monday June 1st, 2019
  • Work with professional choreographer for the Red Carpet Gala Opening Performance (mandatory)
  • FREE Title Top to be worn at the Red Carpet Gala performance
  • Participation in the Opening performance at the Red Carpet Gala!
  • All Titles Awarded at the Red Carpet Gala (attendance is mandatory)


  • The solos entered in the Title Competition cannot be entered in the National competition for High Score Solos. Different solos will be accepted for the National competition. Title solos will, however, still be eligible for all other High Scores (including Top Soloist) and Overall awards.
  • If there is only one title entry, they must achieve a score of Gold to receive Runner Up, and a score of a Platinum to achieve the TITLE. Shine Dollars presented if 1 dancer in the category. Cash Scholarships presented when more than 1 competitor in the category.
  • If a solo wins Title, they cannot compete that solo again at future Regionals.


The Improv competition is an incredible opportunity for dancers to showcase their style, passion, and willingness to step outside their comfort zone.

Come support and cheer on your fellow dancers in this exciting event!!

  • Age Groups: Jnr Improv (7-10), Int Improv (11-14), Snr Improv (15-19). *Birthday as of Dec 31, 2018 (same as the age you are competing under)
  • Competitive Levels: There will be no competitive levels for this competition.
  • Dance Styles: Any style of dance is encouraged.
  • Songs: Song list to be posted on our website, FB page, and Instagram, 1 week before Nationals. When it’s time for competition, the dancer’s name will be announced and a song will be played. They will not know until that moment which song is theirs. The order of the dancers will be randomly selected.
  • Length: 45 seconds to dance. A countdown will be given when 8 seconds remain.
  • Attire: Dancers can wear anything that makes them feel AMAZING!
  • Sign Up: Registration ($38 ) is available at the Nationals Shine Shop. Sign up early to confirm your space.
  • Prizes: 1st place will be awarded with 3 competitors, and 1st & 2nd when there are more than 4 competitors, and 1st 2nd and 3rd with 5 or more competitors. 1st Place will receive a cash scholarship of $50. Awards will be announced at the Awards Ceremony following the Improv Competition.

2019 Song List:

To be announced 1 week before the Finals event!



  • Every studio with 10 or more entries can enter a group in each of the 4 Shine Dance ShowDowns for the honour of the Ultimate Shine Award! First place in each ShowDown will win $500! Second Place takes home $300, and 3rd place wins $200. Fourth and Fifth place are honoured with medals and a Custom Shine Trophy.
  • Competitive Level 1 ShowDowns will perform mid-week and the Competitive Level 2 ShowDowns will perform Saturday Night.
  • The ShowDown is an opportunity for the judges to not assign scores, but to take in each performance and rank it according to the impact the piece has on them at that time. Each judge may place more weight on a specific judging criteria than another (Performance, Technique, Costume, Choreography). The excitement of the ShowDown is that all the competitors have an opportunity to rise to the top as the judges get to watch from a more subjective level.
  • Studios choose which groups enter each ShowDown.
  • Cash Prizes:The Top 3 groups are awarded if there are 5 or more performances; Top 2 if there are 4 performances; and Top 1 if 3 or fewer performances. First place in each ShowDown is $500.
    • Rules
      – All small groups, large groups, lines, or extended lines are eligible to qualify for the Shine Dance ShowDowns (productions excluded).
      – Judges will watch all the performances in the Shine Dance ShowDown and assign a mark to rank their top performances. Marks will be tallied to determine the top 5 performances. There will not be scores or adjudication comments given for the ShowDown.
      – Studios must have a minimum of 10 performances entered in Nationals to qualify for the Shine Dance ShowDown.
      – Performances in the Shine Dance ShowDown must be entered in the Nationals competition.
      – The Top 5 performances in all 4 ShowDowns are awarded with a Trophy and Neck Medals.
      Studios may enter all 4 Showdowns:
      *Competitive Level 1 & Competitive Level 2 12 & Under
      *Competitive Level 1 & Competitive Level 2 13 & Over


      • Over $15,000 awarded in CASH SCHOLARSHIPS at the Shine Dance Nationals!
        • $6,500 – High Scores
        • $4,000 – Shine Dance ShowDown
        • $2,000 – Ultimate Shine Studios
        • $2,000 – Top 3 Overalls
        • $750 Choreography Awards
      • 12 Title Competitions
      • 12 Acro Title Competitions
      • Top 10 Novice in each Age Division
      • Top 3 Scores of the Session
      • “DOUBLE DIAMOND” Award
      • Each Age Division (Junior, Intermediate, Senior) *Comp 1 AND Comp 2:
        • Top 5 Acro High Scores awarded in each Age Category
        • Top 10 Solos in each age Division
        • Top Soloist in each age Division
        • Top 10 Duets/Trios in each Age Division
        • Top 10 Small Groups in the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior age divisions in Competitive Level 1 & 2.
        • Top 10 Large Groups/Lines/Extended Lines in the Junior, Intermediate, and Senior age divisions in Competitive Level 1 & 2.
      • Top Production in Comp 1 and Comp 2
      • High Score Performance Category Awards
      • Shine Master Class Award – awarded to 3 dancers in the 12 & under category, and 3 dancers in the 13+ category. These custom Shine trophies will be presented to “stand out” dancers who participate in the Master Classes. Judges are looking for the sportsmanship, technique, performance, and charisma, that is required by dancers to stand out in professional auditions.
      • Top Young Adult
      • Top Adult
      • 8 Costume Awards
      • 12 Choreography Awards
      • Top 10 Performances in the competition – Competitive Level 1 & 2!
      • Ultimate Shine Studio Award in Competitive Level 1 & 2
        • Studios must have at least 10 entries with 5 groups to be eligible.
        • The Top 5 performances in all 4 ShowDowns are awarded with a Trophy and Neck Medals.

*High Scores – The top 10 will be awarded where there are 10 or more performances. The top 5 will be awarded when there are 9 or less performances


When you are not competing, enjoy everything Niagara Falls has to offer!

We’re 250 steps away from the thundering Niagara Falls!!

Other Family Fun Activities include: a journey behind the Falls, indoor Waterpark, Adventure Mini-Gold, the famous Niagara Skywheel, Haunted House, XD Theatre and so much More!

**Shine will provide a complimentary Clifton Hill VIP Savings Card for each family attending Nationals. VIP cards may be obtained at the Shine Shop.


      • All Shine Nationals participants have the opportunity to take FREE Master Classes with our adjudicators. All classes are INCLUDED IN YOUR FEES and will prove to be a motivating and educational experience.
      • Three Shine Master Class Awards will be chosen by the judges in each, the 12 & under & 13 and over age classes. *note: the number of Shine Master Class Awards is based on the number of classes given. If there are fewer or more classes, this number may change.
      • Judges are looking for the sportsmanship, technique, performance, and charisma, that is required by dancers to stand out in professional auditions.
      • Shine Master Class Awards will be presented at the Red Carpet Awards on Saturday Night.


The perfect closing to our Competitive Level 1 and 2 competitions. Competitive Level 1 closing will be mid-week (after the Comp 1 ShowDowns), and the Competitive Level 2 ceremony will be Saturday night.

  • Kicking-off the Awards we’ll have the Opening number with our Title Competitors.
  • Enjoy a 3 course meal while watching the Final Awards Ceremony for Comp 1 & Comp 2.
  • Shine Virtual Finals – People’s Choice Top Groups for 2019 announced at the Red Carpet Awards!
  • Tickets will be sold separately.
  • Bring your party clothes and smile for your Red Carpet photos!


Come join us to PARTY after the final Awards Ceremony on Saturday Night!