Message from Directors

Welcome to the 17th annual Shine Dance Competitions!

This past season was an unbelievable year and we’re working hard to ensure next season is better than ever!

Based on your valued feedback, we are excited to highlight the following Shine features:


  • RUNNER UP for the Ultimate Shine Studio Award in Competitive 1 & Competitive Level 2!
  • SHINING STAR CATEGORY: This category is intended for dancers who face physical, genetic, or developmental challenges. It will give children who love to dance, but cannot necessarily participate in their studio’s competitive programs, an opportunity to have their moment on stage to SHINE!
  • Top Score of the Session Award. Awarded at every session.
  • Updated Competitive Level 1 rules based on your valued feedback. Please see for full details.
  • Top Costume Award in Competitive Level 1 and Competitive Level 2.


  • Over $50,000 awarded in CASH SCHOLARSHIPS throughout the season
  • As many Competitive Level 1 awards as Competitive Level 2 awards
  • Frequent award ceremonies
  • Separate High Scores and Overalls for Acro performances
  • Individual age categories for Solos, Duets/Trios and all Groups
  • EVERY dancer receives an award for each performance
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, TOP SCORE of the Session presented at EVERY awards ceremony
  • Judges’ Choice Award presented at EVERY awards ceremony
  • Choreography Choice Award presented at EVERY awards ceremony
  • Overall Young Choreography and Choreography Awards presented in Comp 1 & Comp 2
  • Custom Medals awarded for Solos/Duets/Trios; Custom ribbons and buttons awarded to every group member
  • Specific classifications based on your dancers’ experience and training (Novice, Competitive Level 1, Competitive Level 2, Shining Star, Young Adult, and Adult)


  • A professional, organized, and on-time event focused on the dancers building positive memories of their competitive experience.
  • UNIQUE and FUN awards ceremonies promoting team spirit
  • Our Backstage Manager and Music Manager ensure your performances get their moment to SHINE by keeping things organized and calm.
  • Charity Food Drive at every event – 18,954 lbs of food raised to date!!!


  • Judges’ critiques presented on USB
  • Unbiased and experienced adjudicators from the U.S. and Canada
  • Different scoring levels for Novice/Competitive Level 1 and Competitive Level 2

Shine continues to present a competition that is not simply a place where dancers from all over the world compete, but a place where they have fun and build memories of their competitive experience. We take great pride in running a competition with a commitment to excellence; a commitment we hope to share with you and your studio. Be sure to check out our dates & locations and please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.

Dancingly yours,