• SHINING STAR CATEGORY: This category is intended for dancers who face physical, genetic, or developmental challenges. It will give children who love to dance, but cannot necessarily participate in their studio’s competitive programs, an opportunity to have their moment on stage to SHINE!
  • Updated Competitive Level 1 rules based on your valued feedback:
      • If a dancer has more than 8 dances, OR has dances in the Comp 2 level , the studio needs to provide the dancer’s training hours at registration
      • Competitive Level 1 is a recreational Level. The 6 hours should be spread out over all dance training. If you train more than 4 hours in a particular style, you are no longer considered Competitive Level 1 in that style. Ex: 4 hours of Acro training a week means you are no longer considered Competitive Level 1 in Acro. You may still enter as Competitive Level 1 in Jazz if you train less than 4 hours per week in Jazz.
      • Please combine the following disciplines when considering hours: Ballet/Pointe; Contemporary/Lyrical/Modern.
      • If you are a senior (age 15+), and you teach for 3 or more hours a week, you should now enter as Competitive Level 2.
      • Shine reserves the right to question a dancer’s training hours. Teachers must provide a training schedule if requested.


    • To save you time and mailing costs, Shine has an easy and convenient online registration system. Once your dancers’ names and birthdates are entered, they remain in the system for each successive year so you only enter information once. Please click here to register.
    • Please ensure your dancers are placed in the correct Competitive Levels. For a full explanation of all levels, please refer to the Shine Guidelines
    • To be eligible for High Scores and Overalls:
            • Your Studio must have at least 10 entries in the competition, and at least 4 of those must be groups to be eligible for High Scores & Overalls.
            • Exception: If your studio has entered a Shine Regional event in the current season, and you are trying to qualify for Nationals, or Title with a dance that did not qualify at your Studio’s regional, you may enter another Regional event and be eligible for High Scores, but not Overalls.
    • To ensure optimal sound quality, Shine will provide a wireless, hands-free mic for ‘Song & Dance’ performers in the Solo and Duet/Trio categories. No additional sound equipment may be used unless discussed with Shine organizers prior to the competition
    • Remember to choose your correct performance Categories. For a full explanation of categories, please refer to the Shine Categories section

    Grading Scales:

    Novice, Competitive Level 1, Shining Star, Young Adult, & Adults:

    Silver 76-77.99
    High Silver 78-79.99
    Gold 80-83.99
    High Gold 84-87.99
    Platinum 88-90.99
    Diamond 91+

    Competitive Level 2:

    Silver 76-79.99
    High Silver 80-83.99
    Gold 84-86.99
    High Gold 87-89.99
    Platinum 90-92.99
    Diamond 93+


    **For the safety of the children and the protection of choreography, absolutely NO videotaping or photography is allowed during performances. We urge all studio owners, teachers, and especially parents to keep our performers photographically safe by reporting suspected photographic violations. We will have a professional photographer and videographer at all of our events, and photographs and videos will be available for purchase.  The use of video or photography may lead to an entry being “adjudicated only“.