Announcer & Music Operator

Primary Responsibilities:

We're looking for an Announcer to enthusiastically introduce each performance and make all announcements to the Shine audience 

  • Keep a relaxed and energetic tone "on mic" throughout each competition day (approx. 150-200 performances per day)
  • Follow scripts, but also be comfortable with improvising, as necessary
  • Maintain time schedule
  • Keep track of schedule changes to ensure accurate announcements
  • Set up the audio and music equipment for the competition – you’ll be fully trained.
  • Perform sound checks for music and mics before the competition begins and at the beginning of each day. 
  • A+ customer service with Studios regarding their music requests
  • Anticipate any missing music prior to the performance
  • Play each performance’s music (every 3min)


  • Stay calm and collected throughout the event while also taking and implementing any feedback
  • Remain positive and energetic over long hours (6:00am – 11pm)
  • Remain flexible if asked to perform other responsibilities
  • Must be a team player and customer service oriented
  • Attention to detail is a must
  • Aid in the take-down of each event and help pack the truck (1-2 hours). Ability to lift 30lbs.
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