Scotiabank Convention Centre — Fallsview Theatre

*Note: The Shine Set Up will have the front red curtain pulled in towards the middle of the stage so the stage size is around 40ft wide.

Address: 6815 Stanley Avenue, Niagara Falls, ON  L2G 3Y9 CANADA

Stage Dimensions: 28ft deep x 40ft wide. 5ft run-around behind the Shine Banner.

This is a Theatre with an existing stage and tiered seating.

 Loading Dock:

The Scotiabank Convention Center loading dock is located behind the center on the left hand side. There are a variety of different loading docks, one dock including ramp access along with seven higher loading docks which would be suitable for larger trucks or small vans. The loading dock does not permit any long-term parking. You are required to move your vehicle once you have finished loading into the building. Any damages caused to the loading dock or the convention center due to your load in and load out will be charged directly to you. Please be cautious or all doorways and flooring when moving your goods in and out of the center.

Loading Docks 1, 4, 5 & 7 are suitable for large trucks that allow a cart or dollies to be rolled from the vehicle directly into the center. Docks 2, 3 & 6 are more suited to cube vans or smaller trucks that require goods to be lifted into the center. We do have one loading dock which has ramp access (located between docks 4 & 5) which allows a normal car to also load directly into the center.

*We recommend having a dolly for large props as it’s around a 2min walk from the loading dock to Backstage.


Accessed from Stanley Ave. and Dunn St.

There is a special Shine Rate of $5 per entry.

Prop trailers can be left in the parking lot overnight at no additional cost. Note: any vehicle left overnight is at the owner’s risk as the lot is not monitored.