Ambassador Conference Resort, Kingston


*Please read carefully to ensure this venue is appropriate for your performances.

  • A professional raised stage will be built. Wings are approximately 4 feet wide.
  • There are 2 chandeliers that hang above the stage approximately 19′ back from the front of the stage, and 9′-11′ from the wings.  The center 18’w x 32’d of the stage is not affected by the chandeliers.
  • Stage Floor to ceiling height when NOT under a chandelier is 12′ 10″
  • Stage Floor to max. height when standing directly under a chandelier: 7’6″
  • *Please take this into consideration with regards to props.*

Address: 1550 Princess Street, Kingston, ON  K7M 9E3

Stage Dimensions: approximately 32’ deep x 32’ wide.

  • A professional raised stage will be built and installed in the Conference Room. An Adagio floor appropriate for Tap will be laid.  Wings are approximately 4 feet wide.
  • PROP/LIFTS NOTE: The maximum height for props is 7 feet, as there are chandeliers that hang above the stage.  Please contact us if you have questions about your props.

Loading Dock: there are doors close to the Grand Ballroom that can be used as a loading dock.  They can be accessed by driving around the South Side of the Ambassador Conference Resort.

Note: There is no space to store props. Once you are finished with the prop, please remove them immediately.

Parking:  There is free parking at the Ambassador Conference Resort.

Dressing Rooms:  All dressing rooms will be assigned.

Rehearsal area: A Conference Room will be designated as a rehearsal area for all dancers to share.

Pool: "Non-Guests" of the hotel may pay an $8 fee per day to access the pool during the following hours:

  • Wednesday – Friday: 4pm-7pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10am-4pm

Shine Dance Competitions is excited to continue our commitment to charity by once again implementing our Canned Food Drive! Shine will be collecting non-perishable food at each competition and donating it to a charity.

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