*The following categories may not contain more than 3 acro tricks.  An acro trick is such where the hips pass over the shoulders.  You may have 1 tumbling pass included as 1 acro trick.  All other tricks are counted individually.  Illusions, front and back rolls are NOT considered acro tricks and are allowed in these categories:

BALLET – A routine consisting of classical or contemporary ballet steps and movements.
Ballet slippers only.

CHARACTER BALLET or CHARACTER POINTE – A routine consisting of ballet steps and movements portraying a character.

CONTEMPORARY – A routine incorporating lyrical or jazz movement fused with modern elements.

JAZZ – Routine using primarily jazz technique

TAP – Pre-recorded tap sounds are not permitted if distracting to the Judges.

LYRICAL – Routines should express the lyrics and mood of the music.

MODERN – Consists of modern technique, movement and choreography; should incorporate balance, control, and extensions.

MUSICAL THEATRE – A routine portraying a character through dance/movement/lip-syncing and costuming. Any form of dance is permitted. If dancers are singing for 50% of the performance, they must be in Song & Dance.

POINTE – A routine performed in pointe shoes using classical ballet steps or contemporary pointe technique.

*SONG AND DANCE – A routine consisting of dance and vocals. Pre-recorded vocals during the song selection are not permissible unless otherwise discussed with Shine organizers. Please indicate whether you are using a microphone on the entry form.

* To ensure optimal sound quality, Shine will provide wireless hands-free mics in the Solo, Duet/Trio categories. No additional sound equipment may be used unless discussed with organizers.


*The following categories may contain acro tricks:

ACRO – A routine that consists of both acrobatics/gymnastics and dance. An acro trick is such where the hips pass over the shoulders. Acro routines will have separate High Score Awards.

AERIAL ACRO – An Acro performance including a prop higher than the waist that spins or rotates in any direction.  Example: Aerial Hoop, Silks, Trapeze, Rope, Weggsphere, etc.  Aerial Acro and Acro are combined for the top Acro scores in the Competition.

PRODUCTION – This category is solely for the group size “productions”.  Any and all styles of dance can be incorporated into a production.

HIP HOP – Primarily Hip Hop and Street Style (i.e.: Locking, Street dance, Breakdance, etc.).

OPEN – A routine not appropriate for the above categories or consisting of a combination of one or more dance styles. There is a maximum of 8 Acro Tricks allowed in Open.

* A penalty from each Judge may be enforced or the routine may become “adjudicated only” at the Judge’s discretion if guidelines are not met.
* Competitors may enter as many divisions as they wish but must never compete against themselves. In the case of Duets/Trios/Groups, the same group of dancers may not compete against themselves in the same discipline unless 50% of the participants change. If this is the case, they must either move up to the next age level or enter one of the performances as ‘Open’.