An acro trick is such where the hips pass over the shoulders.  You may have 1 tumbling pass included as 1 acro trick. All other tricks are counted individually.

In groups -- an acro trick performed in a cannon is considered 1 acro trick.

 Illusions, front and back rolls are NOT considered acro tricks and are allowed in these categories:

All dance styles may have 3 acro tricks in total with the exception of: Acro/Aerial Acro, Open (8 tricks), Hip Hop, Productions.

A routine consisting of classical or contemporary ballet steps and movements. 

A routine performed in pointe shoes using classical ballet steps or contemporary pointe technique.

A routine consisting of ballet steps and movements portraying a character.

A style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet.  The emphasis is on movement rather than narrative (in contrast to lyrical).

Routine using primarily jazz technique.

Pre-recorded tap sounds are not permitted if distracting to the Judges.

Routines should express the lyrics and mood of the music.

Consists of modern technique, movement and choreography; should incorporate balance, control, and extensions.

A routine portraying a character through dance/movement/lip-syncing and costuming. Any form of dance is permitted. If dancers are singing for 50% of the performance, they must be in Song & Dance.

A routine consisting of dance and vocals. Pre-recorded vocals during the song selection are not permissible unless otherwise discussed with Shine organizers. Please indicate whether you are using a microphone on the entry form. * To ensure optimal sound quality, Shine will provide wireless hands-free mics in the Solo, Duet/Trio categories. No additional sound equipment may be used unless discussed with organizers.

This category is solely for the group size "productions". Any and all styles of dance can be incorporated into a production.

Primarily Hip Hop and Street Style (i.e.: Locking, Street dance, Breakdance, etc.).

A routine not appropriate for the above categories or consisting of a combination of one or more dance styles. There is a maximum of 8 Acro Tricks allowed in Open.

A routine that consists of both acrobatics/gymnastics and dance. An acro trick is such where the hips pass over the shoulders. Acro routines will have separate High Score Awards.

An Acro performance including a prop higher than the waist that may spin, swing, or rotate in any direction. Example: Aerial Hoop, Silks, Trapeze, Rope, Weggsphere, etc. Aerial Acro and Acro are combined for the top Acro scores in the Competition.

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