New AERIAL ACRO Category

SHINING STAR Category: This category is intended for dancers who face physical, genetic, or developmental challenges. It will give children who love to dance, but cannot necessarily participate in their studio’s competitive programs, an opportunity to have their moment on stage to SHINE!

* A deposit may be left to hold your space until the final entry deadline. Please contact us for further details.

* Shine reserves the right to add or subtract dates based on entries.

* Studio Directors should contact Shine for entry fees.  

* Final entry deadline: 2021, TBD based on Health/Safety guidelines

Age Divisions

All ages are determined as of December 31st, 2019.

To determine the average age of Duets, Trios, Groups, and Productions, add up the ages of the competitors, then divide by the number of competitors and DROP ALL DECIMALS.

* Productions: All productions compete against each other for the Overall Production Award. You do not need to include Parent Ages when calculating the average age, however, they are still included as 'dancers' when determining the number of entrants in the performance.

* Names, ages and birth dates of all competitors must appear on the official entry form.

Contestants must be able to provide proof of age at the competition if requested.

Young Adult, Adult20+


When determining classifications, "training" includes ALL studio lessons and rehearsals for all the dance styles combined.  If the training schedule is more concentrated at certain times of the season than others, hours must be averaged over the studio’s training season.

The spirit and objective of our Competitive Levels is to provide dancers with the opportunity to compete against other dancers with similar experience and training.

  • The studio is responsible for entering their routines into the correct categories and divisions.
  • Given dancers can change studios – please ensure that you are using all years of training received, not just the years of training at their current studio.
  • Please check your entries carefully prior to submitting them to our office.
  • If you have any questions regarding placement please don’t hesitate to e-mail or call our office, as we are always happy to help.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLYdeviation from these guidelines may result in routines being adjudicated only.

*All age categories are eligible for Novice
*Remember to account if your dancer(s) has competed with other studios.
  • Novice Solos: Never competed in a Solo and this is their 3rd or less competitive season.
  • Novice Duets/Trios: Never competed in a Solo, Duet, or Trio and this is their 3rd or less competitive season. Duets/Trios must be 100% Novice.
  • Novice Groups/Productions: Never competed before.  Novice Groups/Productions must be at least 75% Novice.

A new dance form (e.g. Tap) performed by experienced dancers is not considered Novice.

Defined as someone who has previously competed in a dance competition and who trains/rehearses 6 hours per week or less. Solos, Duets and Trios must be 100% Competitive Level 1 and 75% of Groups/Lines/Productions must be at this level, or they must compete in Competitive Level 2. *Please reference the chart below for allowances.

Please do not enter senior students who have reduced the number of hours of training they receive in this category. If a dancer has previously achieved and danced in a higher division they should remain in Competitive Level 2, even if they currently train less.

  • If a dancer has more than 8 dances, OR has dances in the Comp 2 level , the studio needs to provide the dancer’s training hours at registration
  • Competitive Level 1 is a recreational Level.  The total training and rehearsal hours (combined) of a Comp 1 dancer must not exceed 6 hours a week.
  • The 6 hours should be spread out over all dance training.  If you train 6 or less hours a week, BUT, you train more than 4 hours in a particular style, you are no longer considered Competitive Level 1 in that style.

Example: If a dancer trains/rehearses 5 hours in Ballet, and 1 hour in tap they would then have to be Comp 2 for Ballet, but could still be Comp 1 for Tap.  However, if they train and rehearse for 5 hours of Ballet and 2 hours in tap, they are now a Comp 2 dancer for everything because their TOTAL training/rehearsal is more than 6 hours a week.

  • Please combine the following disciplines when considering hours:  Aerial Acro/Acro, Ballet/Pointe; Contemporary/Lyrical/Modern.

Example: If you train 3 hours in Ballet, and 1.5hrs a week in Pointe, you are a Comp 2 dancer in both as your total training hours is more than 4hrs a week under the “Ballet/Pointe” category.

  • If you are a senior (age 15+), and you teach for 3 or more hours a week, you should now enter as Competitive Level 2.
  • Shine reserves the right to question a dancer’s training hours.  Teachers must provide a training schedule if requested.
*Please reference chart for Comp 1 allowances in groups.


Number of Dancers

Comp 1 Allowance at 75% of group

(Decimals Dropped)
1all dancers must be Comp 1
2all dancers must be Comp 1
3all dancers must be Comp 1
Number of Dancers

Comp 1 Allowance at 75% of group
(Decimals Dropped)

Number of Dancers

Comp 1 Allowance at 75% of group

(Decimals Dropped)

Defined as someone who has previously competed in a dance competition and who currently trains more than 6 hours per week. Students must be 19 years or under.

This category is intended for dancers who face physical, genetic, or developmental challenges.  It will give children who love to dance, but cannot necessarily participate in their studio’s competitive programs, an opportunity to have their moment on stage to SHINE! Dances can be any length under 3min (i.e. 1min) and can be any dance style best suited for the dancer.  All performances will receive audio adjudications and Performance Awards of a High Silver, Gold, High Gold, Platinum, Diamond or Double Diamond.

*A competitive dancer may be present on the stage with a Shining Star participate to aid in their performance (no additional fee for this dancer).  We recommend all Shining Star aids wear black (i.e: bodysuit) so our focus is on the Shining Star dancer.  This is simply a recommendation and not mandatory.

Shining Star participants will be graded on the Novice/Competitive Level 1 scale.

Shine is happy to accommodate the needs of our Shining Star participants so please contact our office if you have any questions.

Any routine with the average age of 20-29 must be in the Young Adult (YA) Category.  If a routine has an average age less than 20, but exceeds the YA allowances below, they must compete as a Young Adult performance.

  • $75 scholarship awarded to the top performance (There must be more than one entry).
  • Young Adult entries are eligible for Performance Awards, and the Young Adult Award.
  • One YA dancer makes Solos, Duets, and Trios Young Adult.
  • Young Adult allowances for Groups:
    • Small Group: 1 YA dancer
    • Large Group: 2 YA dancers
    • Line: 3 YA dancers
    • Extended Lines: 4 YA dancers

Any routine with the average age of 30 or over must be in the Adult Category.  Performances where 20% or more are Adults should enter in this classification. The exception is if there are Adults in a Production or if the number of Young Adults is greater than Adults (then the dance would be entered under Young Adult). Family routines can be entered in this category (e.g. Mother & Daughter). There are no age categories for Adult dancers. One Adult dancer makes Solos, Duets, and Trios “Adult”.

  • $75 scholarship awarded to the top performance.  (There must be more than one entry).
  • Adult entries are eligible for Performance Awards and the Adult Award.

 * When determining whether a percentage of a group is in a classification, drop all decimals.

Performance Sizes

Solo1 dancer
Duet/Trio2-3 dancers
Small Group4-9 dancers
Large Group10-15 dancers
Line16-24 dancers
Extended Line25+ dancers
Production16+ dancers

*For performances that do not fit these guidelines, please contact the Shine office to determine an applicable category.

*Performances may not compete against themselves unless 50% of the dancers change.


*Music must be uploaded through your studio's Online Shine Account at least 48 hours in advance of the competition start date

*iPads/Phones/USBs/Laptops are recommended as a backup in addition to your primary music source.

Music FormWhen AcceptedInformation
Music files sent to Shine through website48 hours prior to competition start dateLog in to your studio's online account and upload music files under the "Register/Modify Entries" section

You may hand in your backup music source to the Music Manager (optional) or have it accessible if required.

Ensure your music file names are labeled with the dance's Index Number (the number that appears in front of your dance in the FINAL schedule) as well as the title of the dance as it was submitted for the program. All Index Numbers should be 3 digits. Ex: 001, 017, 115.
Ex: 017_This is how we do it; 115_Friends
  • Music must be cut prior to the competition and recorded at tempo. Shine is not responsible for ending music on a cue.
  • Please bring a back-up copy of your music. Shine is not responsible if your music does not work.
  • iPod/iPhone audio connection available. Please ensure your iPod is fully charged. A studio representative must cue the music if an iPod/iPhone is being use.
  • A penalty for the allowance of curse words in songs will be enforced at the judges' discretion. A deduction may be made from the judge's score or the performance may be "adjudicated only"
  • Music that is not claimed at the end of the competition will be left at the theatre or discarded unless previous arrangements were made with the Shine office.

Time Limits

CategoryMax Time (min.)
Small Groups3:30
Large Groups3:30
Extended Lines4:00
* These time limits are set for scheduling purposes. Please inform the Shine office if a dance exceeds the above times.
* Time limit for setting-up props for Groups is 2-3 minutes. No time is allotted for prop set-up for Solos, Duets, or Trios.
* Please indicate the set-up time required for productions on the Entry Form.

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