1. Why should we come to Shine?

Shine Dance Competitions is not simply a place where dancers compete, but a place where they have fun and build fond memories of their competitive experience. We take great pride in running a competition with a commitment to excellence. Our judges are experienced, we run on schedule, and we create a fun and professional environment. Don’t take our word for it though, read What People are Saying.

2. Do all participants receive awards for their efforts?

Yes! Each dancer in the Group/Line/Production categories will receive an award recognizing their achievement of a Silver, High Silver, Gold, High Gold, Platinum or Diamond score. In addition, Solos, Duets and Trios will receive INDIVIDUAL MEDALS. Then, of course, there are ALL the trophies, plaques and CASH SCHOLARSHIPS we give away for High Scores. Check out our Awards section to find out more!

3. Do you read out 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the categories?

Due to popular request, we do not read out the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the performance award categories. We do, however, read the awards in ascending order, so you know the ranking within each category. High Scores are announced with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd, place rankings.

4. I have a new studio and some of my dancers only train 3 hours a week. Will they be up against dancers who train more often?

Shine has devised a system whereby dancers not only compete based on age but on the number of hours they train as well. Competitive Level 1 students train 6 hours per week or less, while Competitive Level 2 students train more than 6 hours per week. Additionally, dancers who are new to competition can enter as Novice, regardless of their age.  To find out more about classifications, please check out our Guidelines.

5. Who comes to adjudicate at Shine?

We recruit our adjudicators from the U.S. and Canada. They are all highly qualified, both in their dance education and experience. We also ensure they have experience teaching CHILDREN. After all…how can you adjudicate a 10-year-old if you’ve never taught one?!

6. Can young choreographers enter more than one dance?

Please do! We encourage young choreographers (24 and under) to get as much experience as possible. Just remember, when entering a piece under “Young Choreography”, it must represent an individual effort and not a collaboration with other teachers or young choreographers.

7. Do we get deducted points if a dance is slightly over the specified time?

No. While we encourage dances to remain within the time limit, they are predominantly set for scheduling purposes. Please inform us if a dance exceeds the allowed time limit.

8. If my dancer has had a Tap Solo, but this is their first time competing in a Jazz Solo, are they considered Novice?

A Novice dancer is defined as someone who has never competed in a dance competition. A new dance form (e.g. Jazz) performed by experienced dancers is not considered Novice. For more information regarding Novice dancers, please visit our Guidelines.

9. When will we receive the schedule?

Schedules are e-mailed to the studio directors approximately 4 weeks prior to the event.

10. When do Change rooms usually open at the venues?

Dressing Rooms open 1 hour before the first performance of the day. It’s advised to come with your hair and make-up already done.

11. Where can I find information about the venue where my studio will be competing?

Please click on our Dates & Locations menu option and select the competition you are attending. Directions, host hotels, and information about the venue are listed under each event’s date.

12. My studio is outside of Canada, can I still attend a Shine event?

Of course! Shine Dance Competitions is open to studios all over the world and we love having international studios join. Please contact us for entry fees.