Shine adjudicators are highly qualified both in their dance education and experience.  Our judges will be continually updated on the top scores to help maintain consistent scoring throughout the competition.

Each adjudicator will also act as a ‘Special Awards Judge’ throughout the weekend. This position enables them to award performances for qualities not necessarily reflected in the medal standings while interacting with the dancers from the session.

* Every studio will receive a link to their Visual Adjudications (judge critiques in video format) and Scores within 72 hours following the end of the competition.

Shine is excited to continue a scoring system appropriate for the various competitive levels as outlined below:

High Silver 78-79.99
Gold 80-83.99
High Gold 84-87.99
Platinum 88-90.99
Diamond 91-92.99
Double Diamond 93+
High Silver 80-83.99
Gold 84-86.99
High Gold 87-89.99
Platinum 90-92.99
Diamond 93-95.99
Double Diamond 96+

One of the most debated topics in the competition industry is appropriateness.

Shine Dance Competitions is a family event and is continually striving to encourage age appropriate performances from the very talented choreographers who present their work each weekend.

As such, we support the guidelines recognized by the Federation of Dance Competitions and will implement an "adjudicated only" system for performances deemed 'inappropriate' by the Shine Management and/or Judges.

These guidelines are:

  1. "Choreography, costuming, and/or the use of dance themes such as rape, suicide, murder, sex, domestic violence, anorexia, and dark undertones chosen and/or presented to competition audiences with a lack of "artistic discretion" is considered inappropriate. The FDC appreciates the art form, creativity and desire to heighten world awareness of these themes through dance but deem it inappropriate to present them to audiences that include children of every age. We recognize that this is extremely subjective and sensitive. Each competition will use its utmost professional judgment and will individually address these performances as they surface at each particular event in the manner they deem appropriate. We urge all studio owners, teachers, and especially parents to keep performances thematically and choreographically appropriate."
  2. A routine deemed "inappropriate" by the Shine Judges will be announced as "Adjudicated Only" during the awards session. The implication of "Adjudicated Only" is the routine will receive their Performance Category Award of a High Silver, Gold, High Gold, Platinum, Diamond, or Double Diamond; however, it will not be eligible for any High Score or Overall Awards.   As such, the inappropriateness of the routine is penalized, but the dancer can still earn an award for their hard work in executing the performance.  It is up to the Studio Owners/Choreographers to ensure their routines are family oriented and appropriate.
  3. Given the subjective nature of the performances, what we deem inappropriate is not a perfect science – and sometimes people may find the decisions of our judges too lenient, while other times, they may find the decisions too strict.  Shine takes the decision to deem a performance "Adjudicated Only" very seriously and will make every effort to create a wonderful and positive "family oriented" season.

* The decisions of the Judges are final. Teachers, competitors and parents are not permitted to discuss the results or the scoring with any Judge. Please direct all comments to the event organizers.

* In the event a performance does not complete their dance, they will be allowed to perform again to be "adjudicated only". This means they will still receive an award, but will not be eligible for any High Score or Overall Awards. Shine reserves the right to determine which performances qualify to dance again to be "adjudicated only".

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