Gatineau #3:  Event Information

Palais des Congres; May 2 - 5, 2024



  • 50 Boulevard Maisonneuve – 3rd Floor, Gatineau, QC J8X 4H4


  • The indoor walkway between the Four Points and the Palais des congres will be available during the following hours:
    • 6am - 12am


  • approximately 32’ deep x 40’ wide; wings are approximately 8-12 feet wide.

*A professional raised stage will be built and installed in the Conference Room. An Adagio floor appropriate for Tap will be laid.


  • If you have large props, you will need to access the venue from 164 rue de l’Hôtel-de-ville. There is a freight elevator that takes you up behind the ballroom.

    See link for map :

    *Important: After 5pm, a security guard will be present to authorize prop load ins/outs. To access the security guard, call: 819.462.0755

  • Go to LEVEL 3 for the Competition's Ballroom.


  • There are two parking lots adjacent to the Palais des congrès.  Both parking facilities are accessible via Courcelette Street.
    • Monday to Friday from 05h00-20h00: $5 for 1 hour
    • Monday to Friday from 20h00-05h00: $5
    • Daily flat rate: $14
    • Weekend and/or statutory holiday: $5 flat rate (up to 24 hours)

    **NOTE: Fees are subject to change.

    If you park outside but within the Palais des congrès, there are no restrictions as far as the times you can go IN and OUT.

    However, as soon as you park after the gates (Place du Centre – inside), the rate and regulations are not the same. Please ensure you look at signage for parking regulations.


  • Please ensure you have adequate staff to prep your props for easy load-in and load-off the RAISED stage.  Heavy items should be on dollies to avoid scratching the dance floor.  Props can be pre-assembled in the loading dock and then wheeled onto the stage.  We want to keep to our time-schedule so dancers are dancing as scheduled.
  • Keep all props neatly packed to ensure room for all Studios.  Props will be stored in the loading area as well as Backstage Stage Left.

Thank you everyone for your combined efforts as we know this takes a lot of time and coordination!!


  • There will be one dressing room for all females, one for all males, one for “All Genders”.

    We thank you in advance for your cooperation with regards to sharing the space.


  • An area will be designated as rehearsal for all dancers to share.


  • Our Shine Shop will be in full operation to get your Shine Dance Merchandise.  Please note that we will be accepting only credit or debit cards -- we will not be accepting cash.


Hotel Info Coming Soon!



  • Programs will be made available for download, free of charge, through our website approximately 2 weeks prior to the event. 
  • Programs will not be sold at the event.
  • We may run up to 15min early from the scheduled times. 


  • Every dancer receives a custom Shine Awards Pin to display your ribbons on your Team Jacket! We’ve got one per dancer, so please make sure you pick it up at the Shine Shop.


  • This event will have a live stream available through our website
  • A code to watch will be provided soon


  • We are very excited to continue our annual Food Drive where all proceeds are donated to a local food bank.  To date, we have collectively raised 22,160 lbs of food!!
  • Please remind your dancers to bring at least 2 items of non-perishable food for our drive.


  • As a reminder, your entry fees now include all your Studio's photos and videos!
  • Media will be available approximately 1 week after the event.


  • In an effort to keep your studio’s identity from the judges during performances, we ask that you please cover your studio logo when placing props on the stage. 
  • Your dancers are certainly encouraged to wear their studio attire during awards ceremonies.
  • Your costume should not contain your Studio Name*


  • Substances which alter the condition of the stage, and may affect the dancing surface for other competitors are prohibited (e.g. tossing sparkles, baby powder, water/liquid, body paint, etc.).  If it cannot be easily swept off the stage quickly, it should not be put on the stage.
  • If the stage is littered after your performance (ex: feathers, paper etc.). you must be ready for immediate removal of the items. We will have a flat broom backstage.
  • Helium balloons are not to be released on-stage as it is costly to get them down and they may pop during another performance if left on the ceiling. They may be used if they are on a weight and not released.
    • Released balloons may result in a deduction or the routine being ‘adjudicated only’


Judges Info Coming Soon!

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