We are thrilled to host TWO VIRTUAL DANCE COMPETITIONS this Summer! While we miss seeing our incredible dancers perform live, we are thrilled to provide this fun format where dancers can compete in their categories, receive adjudicator feedback, and win cash scholarships and awards!

Shine's Virtual Competitions are open to Studios Internationally!



Input Entries in the Shine Online Registration System. Registration is open to ALL interested studios!

    1. Sign-in to your Shine online account, or create an account if it’s your first time competing with Shine.
      • Registration is open to STUDIOS internationally, we do not accept independent registrations.
    2. Edit your Studio Profile. Be sure your mailing address is correct as all awards will be shipped to the Studio Address listed.
    3. Enter your dancers with their birthdays in the “Studio Member List”.
    4. Add the performance details for each entry and upload the entry video.
    5. Submit Performances and send the fees by the deadline.

Studio inquiries may be sent to:


  1. SVDC will adhere to our Regional rules (, with the exception of:
    • SVDC Awards and Cash Scholarships are listed below under “AWARDS”.
  2. All dancers should enter as they normally would "pre-COVID".  If you would normally enter as Comp 2, you would remain as Comp 2 even though your training hours were reduced this year. This is to preserve the integrity of our recreational Comp 1 level where dancers have always trained less.
  3. Solos, Duets/Trios, Small Groups, Large Groups, and Lines may register (pending Government guidelines in your Studio’s area).
  4. Stage performances from previous competitions will not be accepted, however, your own recordings on stage are accepted.
    • e: if your Studio recorded all your performances in a Theatre, these are accepted.
  5. By virtue of entering Shine Dance Competitions, Parents, Dancers, Dance Teachers/Instructors and Studio Directors, give their permission and consent to Shine Dance Competitions to use their images, videos, photographs, or appear in videos, television, or any other electronic media for advertising, news coverage or any other commercial use of our events.

Studio inquiries may be sent to:



    1. Please review all Health Unit rules for your area in terms of spacing and mask requirements at the time of recording.
    2. Get Competition Ready: costume, hair, and make-up
    3. Record in LANDSCAPE (if on a phone)
    4. Front view shot of the dancers (as much as possible given your space restrictions).
    5. Video should be 1 Continuous Shot (no editing).
    6. The video should be wide enough to capture all dancers, at all times. While you may have to follow the dancers with your camera to keep them all in the frame (given space restrictions), the idea is to keep the focus on the dancers, and not on filming techniques.
    7. Acceptable video formats are: mp4, .mov, and .avi
    8. Location Options: All recording locations (studio, outdoors, home, etc) are accepted with the exception of stage recordings from other competitions. Your own stage recordings are admissible.

Studio inquiries may be sent to:


  • Video entries will be reviewed and marked in their categories (just like at competition!).
  • Entries are critiqued and scored by THREE Shine Judges.
    • Studios will be sent a link through email to access their adjudications after the Awards Ceremony broadcasts.
  • All SVDC entries will be posted in their categories (so you can watch your competitors) along with Performance Awards and High Score Awards Ceremonies.
  • Videos will remain on our website for a period of time to ensure you don't miss your dancers compete.

Studio inquiries may be sent to:


  • Judges are marking: Performance 45%; Technique 45%; Choreography 10%
  • No deductions for:
    • Dancers wearing masks. Musical Theatre would need clear masks.
    • Modifications to choreography to remove contact.
      • Note: if there is spacing of less than 6ft apart or contact in the performance, SDC will assume Government guidelines in your area have been met at the time of recording.
        • Recordings in Theatres will sometimes allow for contact. Please check your specific Health Unit’s rules.
      • Judges will not be marking the environment in which the dancers are performing. They are focused on the dancers. 

Studio inquiries may be sent to:


There are no entry minimums required for awards eligibility.

Adjudications: Studios will be emailed The Scores and Visual adjudications for your Studio

    • Their performance awards (Gold, High Gold, Platinum, Diamond, or Double Diamond)
    • Their numeric scores
    • The adjudication comments for your Studio

Medals, Ribbons, Buttons

  • Mailed to the Studio.
    • Shipping free of charge in Canada.
    • Shipping not included for International Studios.
  • Special Awards & Choreography Awards: PDF certificates will be emailed to Studios.

High Scores

*The following categories will be awarded for Competitive Level 1 & Competitive Level 2.  They will be announced in the Awards Broadcasts. 

  • High Scores (ex: High Score Competitive Level 1 Junior Solos)
  • High Score Performance Category Awards (Ex: 1st place Comp 1 Jazz)
  • High Score Acro
  • Top Soloists
  • Top 3 Acro Overalls
  • High Score Costume
  • Choreography Awards
  • Top 5 Overalls in the Competition

Cash Scholarships:

*Novice will have the top 3 announced in each of the four age categories (Munchkin, Junior, Intermediate, Senior) with a $50 cash scholarship for 1st prize in each.

Comp 1 Comp 2 Cash Scholarship (CAD)
Overall Comp 1 Munchkin Overall Comp 2 Munchkin $50
Junior Solos Junior Solos $75
Junior Duets/Trios Junior Duets/Trios $100
Junior Small Groups Junior Small Groups $125
Junior Large Groups Junior Large Groups $150
*Repeated for Intermediate and Senior *Repeated for Intermediate and Senior  
Overall Comp 1 Acro Overall Comp 2 Acro 1st: $100; 2nd: $75; 3rd: $50
Overall Comp 1 in Competition Overall Comp 2 in Competition 1st: $150; 2nd: $125; 3rd: $100
  • A minimum of 5 entries is required to be eligible for a cash scholarship. Categories with 4 or less entries will be issued a Shine Gift Certificate that can be used towards any Shine event in the next season.
  • All cash scholarships will be sent via email money transfer to Studios; or PayPal if you are an International Studio (outside of Canada).

Studio inquiries may be sent to:


We can’t wait to watch your incredible performances!

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